Welcome Back Turntable

the social music site is back, party like it is 2011

Turntable.fm is back from the dead! If you don't remember Turntable.fm is a social music site that started around 2011 when streaming music was still trying to find its way.

The site is pretty unique, and fun, in how it approaches streaming music. Instead of just having the standard "player", you are given a list of rooms broken down by specific genres of music. Each room is its own mini concert with a few slots for "DJ's" and everyone else in the crowd. There is a chat feature by room and people are generally pretty friendly and fun.


When you create an account on the site you make a little 2D avatar. This will be your identity as you go room to room. When you like a song you can give it a thumbs up and your character starts bopping its head to the music. When you do this you are giving points to the DJ who played the song.

A Turntable Room

Turntable was one of my favorite sites from years before. I think the things that I love about it are the reasons it came back. I also think that the things that make it so endearing are qualities that we often ignore when building sites and software.

First off, it is fun! Like I mentioned it lacks the typical "player" that most music players use as a base. Instead giving us the feeling of being in a physical place that we can move around in a pick our room.

Another aspect that Turntable get is the social aspect. That is something that spotify, amazon, etc. have not figured out at all to this point. There is a real sense of community that comes with Turntable. You see a lot of the same people in rooms most days. The chat is generally very welcoming and friendly. You get the feeling that you are in a physical place.

Music discovery is really a strong point on Turntable. Since they are actual people, NOT AI!, is picking the music you get to hear a really great mix of new music and genre classics.

Welcome Back!

Sites coming back from the dead is just something that never happens. It still remains to be seen if Turntable will be able to make things work this time around. Streaming music is obviously a crowded and complicated space. Turnable approaches music differently than anything else out there and maybe it can find niche to occupy. It will never be as big as the main streaming services but its users LOVE the service. And those of us that do are over the moon.

Check out turntable.fm if you get a chance and start bopping.